What kind of wood do we use ?  

We use A grade Meranti kiln Dried please note there is 80 species of meranti so colour of wood might differ No Engineered wood used

Do we deliver and install?

We can deliver anywhere in Gauteng Terms and conditions apply.

What is the glass requirements?

Glass is supplied according to NBRHC 6:38 Safety glass clear on all doors 4mm on all windows

Frameless glass from 8mm up to 12mm This is based on size of unit  

What other products do we manufacture?

We manufacture all doors windows and specialize in all stack doors

How many Leafs will fit into my size?

The amount of leafs are depending on size and safety we suggest as follow

Any space from

1.5 up to 2.7 we suggest 3 panels

2.8 up to 3.3 we suggest 4 panels

3.4 up to 4.2 we suggest 5 panels

4.2 up to 5m we suggest 6 panels